Central branch management

All stores at a glance

With the branch management you have full control over your restaurants and delivery services.

All data in real time

With store management, you can manage your stores centrally and have an overview of the performance data.

Full control

Store all data on products or staff centrally and make them available for different stores.

Administrative workload reduced

With the franchise management software you standardise processes and save time.

Branch management for franchise companies

Easy to navigate

Manage your stores from the comfort of wherever you are with our franchise software.

Product management

Central administration

Create products, product groups, etc. centrally and unlock them for your stores.

Statistics and analyses

Profitability analysis

Analyse the performance of your stores in real time.

Central marketing

Digital customer loyalty

Use the voucher and bonus system to keep customers loyal to your restaurants.

Head office Product management

With the store management software, you can manage all data such as products, vouchers and much more. Centralised and activated for your stores.

Important Analyses

The software shows all important key figures and helps to closely examine and optimise every aspect of your franchise chain.

Profitability insight

With the franchise software, you have a constant overview of the real-time performance of your stores and partners. Compare expenses, sales and more.

Simple administration

You can determine access rights for store managers or franchise partners and give them the opportunities they need to work.

Web shop Management

Digitally close one or more of your partners' web shops on a closing day or when there is a high workload.

Delivery area analysis

Compare individual delivery areas with each other and easily identify and eliminate overlaps.