Optimise your logistics

Efficient delivery service

Automate your route planning with the Driver App and Driver Hub.

More efficient delivery

With the driver app, you can combine delivery routes manually or automatically and therefore simplify your route planning.

Driver always within view

With the app, your drivers can be tracked via GPS. You can see where your drivers are.

Shorter delivery times

Process orders faster: The driver app calculates delivery times for you for different vehicle types.

Route planning

Simple delivery

Access all information about your orders at any time via the driver app.

Automatic route configuration

Shorter delivery times

Delivery orders are automatically grouped into multi-stop routes.

GPS tracking

Intuitive Navigation

Automatically calculate routes and follow the drivers’ route.

Linking with kitchen manager


Order production is automatically triggered when drivers are in the vicinity.

Simple Operation

The intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn how to use the driver app. The user-friendly dashboard displays the most important information.

Route planning

With the help of the driver hub, tours are grouped together and drivers are automatically assigned. This way you reduce delivery times and idle time.


Driver management informs the store as soon as drivers are in the immediate vicinity and automatically triggers the next production.

GPS tracking

Your drivers start navigating towards customers with just a few clicks, while you always have an overview of everything and can plan deliveries better.

QR code registration

To start the delivery, drivers log into the driver terminal and scan the QR code within the delivery service app.


Drivers receive an overview of their previous earnings in real time. This saves unexpected surprises at the end of the shift.

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The driver app takes over the route management completely automatically: in the driver monitor, the person in charge compiles the routes and sends them together with the itinerary to the smartphone of a driver who is ready to go. Routes can start from there straight away. It is also possible to follow the exact location of the drivers in real time. In addition to delivery information, customers’ billing data can be viewed directly by drivers in the driver app.

With the driver app, drivers have all necessary data at their fingertips at all times. By linking directly to the navigation apps, it only takes a few clicks to start navigation. As a restaurant owner, you always have an eye on your fleet of drivers thanks to GPS tracking and can plan deliveries optimally. The driver app reduces wasted time in the delivery processes and is hence so much more than just a driver’s logbook app.

Yes – our route management is optimised so that several orders can be delivered by individual drivers. The system calculates the best routes for each order and combines nearby deliveries in the same region so that multiple orders can be delivered at the same time.

Yes, the driver app is under constant development and new functions are regularly added – one of the features to be integrated in a new version is a chat facility linking the company and the driver.