SimplyDelivery is now SIDES.

Times change, times change you. SIDES doesn’t play the lead in your story – but it completes your vision.

Why over 3,300 customers use SIDES

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higher turnover

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Reduced error rate

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superior delivery

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Cost saving

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Manage orders efficiently

With SIDES, it’s easy to use the full range of ordering channels. From the web shop to the checkout with intergration into various delivery portals such as Just Eat, Wolt and Uber Eats.

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Automated preparation & delivery

Optimise and automate your operational processes in the delivery service or restaurant. We support you in taking processes in your kitchen to a new level. Our software automates your route planning.

Efficient gastronomy management

With SIDES, you have full control over branches, inventory and staff. Our software helps you easily stay on top of administration and maintain a constant handle on everything from incoming goods to stocktaking.

Attract & retain new customers

Build long-term customer loyalty for your gastronomy business: With SIDES you create incentives to order, increase online visibility for potential new customers and increase customer loyalty on a daily basis.

From small to large

SIDES always provides the best solution.

Restaurant chains

With SIDES you can effortlessly manage your entire restaurant chain, whether you have 3 or 3,000 stores.

Ghost Kitchens

With a customised web shop and an ordering app, you lay the foundation for a successful delivery service.

Individual restaurants

The digital POS system with EC card terminal connection and cloud TSE keeps you on the safe side.

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Delivery services

With your web shop, the Rider app and the Rider Hub, you are perfectly equipped for delivery services.

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POS system

We are SIDES

We support gastronomers in optimising their business in a forward-looking, self-determined and profitable way. One of the focal points is the automation of existing processes. Thanks to our solutions, our customers use resources such as manpower, time and energy in a meaningful way and in situations that really call for them.

As versatile as you are!